The New MyHusky App

Our new app brings convenience and comfort to your trips to the station and your fueling experience. Pay from your car and don’t miss out on earning and redeeming points with a digital myHusky Rewards card.

Pump Up The Fuel

Pay from the comfort of your car.

Download the myHusky app and forget about fumbling through your wallet. It’s the fast, simple and secure way to pay.

  • Use your mobile wallet to prepay for fuel and car washes
  • Get an e-receipt and your car wash code in the app

One-time bonus


Say goodbye to plastic.

With your myHusky Rewards card loaded in the app, you’ll never miss out on points again. Fill up on fuel and fill up on snacks!

  • Earn and redeem points for free fuel and car washes at the pump
  • Scan your digital card to earn and redeem points in store


Find your nearest station with the offers you want.

Scroll through the latest in-store promotions and bonus point offers. Then use our handy station locator for turn-by-turn directions to get you there.

  • Personalized offers, customized to your preferences
  • Mark your favourites and share them through social media

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use my cell phone at the pump?

Fueling your vehicle deserves your complete attention. Smartphones can be distracting and increase the risk of a spill or other harmful incidents. We recommend you leave your phone in your vehicle while using our pumps. You can prepay for fuel and a car wash from the app while inside your vehicle. The app notifies you when the pump is authorized, then you can put your phone away, get out of your car (make sure you turn your engine off!) and begin fueling. Be aware of your surroundings and the other vehicles while at the pumps.

Can I purchase goods in store using the app?

You can use your digital myHusky Rewards card in the app to earn and redeem points for dollars off in-store products, but you can’t use the payment cards in your app wallet to pay for in-store purchases. If you do have a digital wallet set up outside of the myHusky app, such as Apple Pay, you may be able to use that to pay in store so you don’t have to open up a physical wallet! 

Where can I find the car wash code in the app?

The car wash code is displayed in the Transaction History and on your electronic receipt. 

How can I add a payment/gift card?
  • Go to My Account and tap Wallet.
  • Add a credit card: tap Add a Payment Card, enter credit card number, expiry date and CVV, then tap Save.
  • Add a Husky Gift Card: tap Add a Husky Gift card, then scan the gift card number with your camera or type it in manually. Enter the security code on the back of the gift card, then tap Save.
Why won't the myHusky Rewards card registration/app login accept my password?

If you’re trying to add a myHusky Rewards card that’s already been registered, you’ll need to enter in your myHusky Rewards password. After you scan or type in your card number, the app will ask you to enter your myHusky Rewards password to confirm your rewards account, which may or may not be the same as your myHusky app password. 

Why do I need two passwords?

Depending on the password you choose when you create your myHusky app account, you may have two passwords within the app. The first is your myHusky app password – this is the one you created for your app account. The second is for your myHusky Rewards account.

A) If you already have a myHusky Rewards card – enter the password you created when you joined myHusky Rewards. This is to ensure that no one else can enter in your rewards number and redeem your points.

B) If you’re joining myHusky Rewards for the first time in the app – you may create any password. It can be the same or different than what you choose for your app account.