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Husky’s ethanol-blended gas improves performance and is better for your car and the environment.

DieselMax, Husky’s ultralow sulphur diesel fuel, is available at most retail locations. We also offer propane at select Husky locations.

Please use our Station Locator to find the Husky fuel you need at a station nearby.


Ethanol-Blended Fuel

Better for your car

Better for the environment

Better for the community

A selection of octane levels to suit your needs


Husky DieselMax meets Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) specification for ultralow sulphur diesel fuel. Our diesel fuel has good natural lubricity that meets all engine manufacturers’ lubricity requirements. DieselMax is blended for local conditions to provide ultimate power and performance. The cold weather operability is adjusted bi-monthly to perform well throughout the winter.

Husky Propane & Propane Accessories

Propane is available in bulk (for use in propane-fueled vehicles or for refilling containers) and in exchangeable containers at most Husky stations. Stations that sell retail auto propane are easily recognized by the white Superior Propane tank near the general pump area of the station.

Tank exchange for smaller containers.

Depending on the services available at a station, you can either purchase a container that you can exchange when empty, or you can bring in your current container to refill as needed. Note: bulk propane dispensers for refills are not available at all Husky Stations.