in Canada, things can get we may as well make the best of it! Other than snowball fights, there's no better way to embrace the cold than by trying our Cold Sucks frozen beverage. With a multitude of regular and summer flavours, you can refresh your thirst for icy cold all year round.

 To add more chill to your experience, try a
 Screamer! By layering ice cream and Cold Sucks
 together, you'll create a unique frosty masterpiece
 limited only by your own imagination! Make a
 traditional "Black Cow" combining Vanilla ice
 cream with Pepsi Cold Sucks or go tropical
 with a "PiƱa Colada" by combining it with
 Polar Pineapple flavour of the month.

 Either way, it'll be the coolest thing
 you've ever tried.


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