We're giving away a million points a month!

How would you like to win a million myHusky Rewards points?

Now’s your chance! With our Millions contest, you are automatically entered every time you use your myHusky Rewards card.

Three winners, a million points each!

Three winners, a million points each!

November, December, January. Use your myHusky Rewards for a chance to win each month. Earn an additional entry when you use the myHusky App or your HuskyPRO card. From fuel to in store purchases, the more times you use your card, the more chances you have to win! Contest ends Feb. 1, 2022.

Redeem your points, your way

A million points goes a long way!

The best part about winning a million points? How you spend it! Pack up and take to the highway for a 34,782 km road trip. (That’s like driving coast to coast five times!) Stock up on snacks and sip enough free coffee for 7,682 6 a.m. hockey practices. Refresh your ride with 1,400 free car washes for all four seasons. Spend your points, your way.

Why join the myHusky pack?

Click here for the myHusky Millions contest official rules.
Download the myHusky Millions contest entry form. No purchase necessary.
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