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The myHusky App has retired and you can no longer use mobile pay when you fill up at Husky stations. Don’t worry, the myHusky Rewards program is not ending and you won’t lose any points. What will change is how you’ll earn and redeem points at the pump and how you can access myHusky Rewards on your mobile device.

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How do you currently use the myHusky App?

Frequently Asked Questions

The myHusky App will retire as of May 31.

After several years in market, we learned that the app wasn’t providing customers with the experience they were looking for. We experienced some technical challenges and weren’t happy with the overall performance of the app.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose any myHusky Rewards points. What will change is how you’ll earn and redeem points when you fill up at the pump and how you can access myHusky Rewards on your mobile device.

If you don’t have a plastic rewards card, pick up a new card at your nearest Husky station. Go to to merge your new card with your existing myHusky Rewards account.

Download the Stocard app, then add your myHusky Rewards card. Our station attendants will scan the QR code from the app when you make your in-store purchase.

You will not be able to access your Husky Gift Cards in the app after May 31. We encourage you to use your balances before then or contact us at for further assistance.

No, the app is no longer available. Please send an email with the store name/address, dates and the last 4 digits of the card you used to for further assistance. We’ll do our best to retrieve your receipts; however, we cannot retrieve receipts from transactions that are older than 90 days from the day you contact us.