Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the myHusky App


What does the security PIN do?

The security PIN is an additional security measure to help verify payment authorizations. 

Where can I use the app?

Use the myHusky App at participating Husky locations across Canada.

Does the app use my phone number?

No, the myHusky App does not require your phone number; however, you do need to provide a valid email address to create an app account. 

How does the app know my location?

If you choose to allow Location Services, the app uses the GPS in your phone to identify your location while using the app. With Location Services on, you can use the Pay from your Car feature and get turn-by-turn directions in the Station Locator to find the Husky station closest to you. You can turn Location Services on/off at any time.

How much data does the app use?

Like most mobile apps, the myHusky App uses your smartphone’s location services and internet data. Costs for data usage depend on your network provider and your individual phone plan. For specific details, we recommend you contact your mobile phone provider directly.

Why did my app crash?

Apps can crash unexpectedly for a few reasons, including insufficient storage/memory or undetected bugs. Make sure your device has enough connectivity to use the app. You can reduce the amount of memory your device uses by uninstalling apps/programs you’re not using. The myHusky App is designed so it doesn’t store large volumes of data on your local device. If your app crashes, please contact us at 1-844-459-7858 or (and if you can, provide us with a screenshot of the issue you're experiencing).

How do I get to the main menu of the app?

Tap the “Dashboard” icon at the bottom left of your screen. 

Why do I have to update my app?

Apps require an update when there are new features added or when bug fixes are deployed. Typically, updates will help your app work more efficiently and offer you greater functionality.

Can the app be used across Canada?

Yes, you can use the myHusky App at participating Husky stations across our network.

Do I need a data plan to use the app?

You will need internet access to get the most out of the app. App features such as Pay from your car, myHusky Rewards information, managing app wallet information, viewing offers and getting directions require data connection. 

How can I contact customer support desk for app related questions?

You may contact  or call 1-844-459-7858 if you have any questions that are not answered in this FAQ document. 

Can I have multiple app accounts?

We allow one app account per person. You can install the app on two phones (such as a personal phone and work phone) and use the same account on both devices but you can only be logged in to one device at a time. The app will log you out from the first device when you log into the second device.

What devices does the app support?

The myHusky App is designed for iPhone devices 5S and newer, and Android devices including, but not limited to, the Samsung S7, Samsung Note, Google Pixel 2, LG V30, as well as BB Key 1 and newer. The Android version of the app was developed to support the following operating systems: Pie 9.0, Oreo 8.0 to 8.1 and Nougat 7.0 to 7.1.2. Note: Older devices may still work, but are not officially supported and were not part of Husky’s test phases.


What are all the features I can use in the app?

Pay from your car:

  • Choose how much fuel you wish to purchase, you can add a car wash to the transaction and/or redeem myHusky Rewards points.
  • Authorize your credit card with enhanced security measures or with a Husky Gift Card.
  • If you buy a car wash, the code will display right in your app.
  • Members automatically earn myHusky Rewards points.
  • The transaction is authorized from the comfort of your car and the app lets you know when you can put your phone away, get out of your car and begin fueling.

myHusky Rewards:

  • Say goodbye to plastic with a digital myHusky Rewards card right in your app.
  • Not a member? You can sign up right in the app and start earning points right away.
  • View personalized offers and what's on special. You can “Like” or “Share” offers you’re interested in and “Hide” offers you don’t want to see in your list.
  • You can also add your myHusky Rewards card to your Apple Wallet.

Station Locator:

  • Find a Husky station near you with the amenities you’re looking for (like car wash or propane).
  • Get turn-by-turn directions.
How secure is the app? What regulations does the app follow?
  • Husky and their partners have completed their due diligence to design and implement a secure system for Husky customers. The myHusky App follows the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card providers.
  • Credit card, gift card and loyalty information is not stored in your device. This information is encrypted and stored based on PCI Compliance regulations.
  • The app user personal information will not be shared with any other party outside of the app functionalities.
Can I use this app at Husky Bulk Plants?

The myHusky App is geared towards Husky branded fuel and convenience stores. Currently, it can’t be used at Husky Bulk Plants. 

Can I use the app at Cardlock locations?

Currently, the myHusky App cannot be used to purchase fuel at Cardlock pumps. The myHusky app is geared toward personal purchases of fuel and convenience store items at Husky retail stations.

How is my personal information used by the app?

Your information is used to create a profile in our systems that help you to receive personalized offers, manage your loyalty account and keep track of purchases within the app. Your data will be stored securely as per regulatory guidelines. 

Why did the app log me out?/Why does the app not keep me logged in?

The app logs you out automatically if you don’t have a passcode/Touch ID/Face ID set up on your device. This is to maintain the security of your personal and payment data (if applicable). 

What happens if I get a new phone?

Simply log back in to your app account and your app settings, profile information, payment cards and myHusky Rewards info will be available on your new device.

Can I use the myHusky app for fleet fuel purchases?

The myHusky app is designed for customer to use for personal fuel purchases. Currently the app doesn't accept HuskyPRO commercial or fleet cards as a payment type.

Why did my account get blocked?

As part of our fraud protection practices, your app account may be blocked if you seem to be using it more often than a typical customer would use it to make personal fuel purchases. You may contact or call 1-844-459-7858.

Is it safe to use my cell phone at the pump?

Fueling your vehicle deserves your complete attention. Smartphones can be distracting and increase the risk of a spill or other harmful incidents. We recommend you leave your phone in your vehicle while using our pumps. You can prepay for fuel and a car wash from the app while inside your vehicle. The app notifies you when the pump is authorized, then you can put your phone away, get out of your car (make sure you turn your engine off!) and begin fueling. Be aware of your surroundings and the other vehicles while at the pumps.

Account Management

How can I change my security PIN?

Follow these steps in the app.

  • Open your Profile

  • Tap 'Manage Security PIN'

  • Enter your current four-digit security PIN

  • Follow the steps to create a new security PIN

I forgot my security PIN, what should I do?

Follow these steps in the app.

  • Open your Profile

  • Tap 'Manage Security PIN'

  • Tap ‘Forgot PIN’

  • You’ll receive a six-digit reset code at the email address associated with your app account

  • Open the app again and enter the six-digit code from your email

How can I reset my app password?
  • Select “Reset Password” in your Profile tab, then enter your app account email to receive a six-digit reset code.
  • Once you receive this code at the email address associated with your app account, open the app again and click “Sign In”.
  • Tap “Forgot your password?”, then tap “I already have a reset code”.
  • Enter the code you received in the app and follow the steps to create a new password.
Password reset code is not working

Your password reset PIN may have expired as it’s only valid for 24hrs. If the password reset code does not work, you may tap “Reset Password” to have a new code emailed to you. 

My account isn't getting verified

Your confirmation email link may have expired as it’s only valid for 48hrs. You may request a new verification through your Profile by tapping “Resend Confirmation Link”. 

Not getting password/PIN reset email

The password reset email is sent to the email address associated with your app account. Check your Junk Email filter and ensure you are checking the correct email account. Emails are sent from

Not getting 'verify account' email

The confirmation email is sent to the email address associated with your app account. Check your Junk Email filter and ensure you are checking the correct email account. Emails are sent from

How do I change my email address?

You may update your email address in the Profile. You have to enter your app password first to change the email. Once you’ve changed the email, you’ll receive a confirmation email at the new email address provided. Click the confirmation link in the email to complete the change.

NOTE: Until you confirm the new email address, you won’t be able to use certain features in the app. 

My settings are turned back to default categories for marketing offers.

If someone else used the app on your device, it may have saved changes they made to default settings. Please set your preferences again. 

What are the functions available in your app account settings?

In your account settings you can:

  • Set up a default pre-authorized fuel amount
  • Decide whether to receive receipts by email
  • Turn dashboard offers “on” or “off”
  • Select types of offers you wish to see (Ex. car wash, lotto or snack offers)
  • Use the station locator to identify Husky stations with diesel
  • Send feedback to the myHusky app team
Why do I need two passwords?

Depending on the password you choose when you create your myHusky app account, you may have two passwords within the app. The first is your myHusky app password – this is the one you created for your app account. The second is for your myHusky Rewards account.

A) If you already have a myHusky Rewards card – enter the password you created when you joined myHusky Rewards. This is to ensure that no one else can enter in your rewards number and redeem your points.

B) If you’re joining myHusky Rewards for the first time in the app – you may create any password. It can be the same or different than what you choose for your app account.

Can I delete my app account?

No, you cannot delete your app account, but you can uninstall the app from your mobile device. You can also remove your myHusky Rewards card and any payment cards from the app as well.

Pay From Your Car

How do I use the app to purchase fuel?
  • To pay from your car, you must first add a payment method and enable Location Services.
  • At a Husky station, pull up to an available pump and turn off your engine. Open the myHusky App and tap the Pay at Pump icon at the bottom of the screen to check in to the Husky location.
  • Scroll to the appropriate pump number (you should be able to see which number pump you're at from inside most vehicles).
  • Select your “Fill up to” amount (you can also set a default amount in your profile).
  • You may add a car wash or choose to redeem myHusky Rewards points.
  • Tap “Pay” to pre-authorize your purchase using your default payment method or tap the > to select a different payment method.
  • Enter your security PIN (you'll be prompted to set one up if you haven't already).
  • The app will notify you once the pump is authorized, then you can put your phone away, exit your vehicle and begin fueling.

Take caution: Fueling your vehicle requires your complete attention; be aware of your surroundings and other vehicles. Make sure to put your phone away and turn off your engine prior to fueling.

  • Once you finish fueling, replace the nozzle to complete the transaction. You will receive an electronic receipt in the app, which you can choose to email to yourself. If you purchased a car wash, your car wash code will display in the app. 
How does the app know which station I am at?

The app uses your device’s GPS and location services to detect which Husky station you’re at. 

Which station should I choose when the app can't decide?

If there is more than one Husky station close by when you are on the Pay at Pump screen, you can tell the app which station you’re at. Tap to select the correct location. It’s important to select the correct station in order for you to authorize the accurate pump for fueling. 

How do I select a pump in the app?

From the Pay at Pump screen, tap “Pump” then scroll down to select the pump you wish to authorize. Please note: the Pay at Pump screen is only functional when you are at a Husky station and have enabled your Location Services. 

How do I select the grade for my fuel?

You must select the fuel grade at the pump. Once the app lets you know the pump is authorized, you may put away your phone and get out of your car to begin fueling. Press the fuel grade button on the pump to select the grade of fuel. 

Where is the receipt stored in the app?

You can view your receipts in Transaction History. To get there, tap the profile icon in the top left corner of the screen then tap Transaction History. 

Can I purchase a car wash without fuel?

You must pay in store to purchase a car wash without fuel. 

How can I get a printed paper receipt?

If you’re using the app to pay for your purchases, Husky does not provide you with a printed paper receipt. If you need a paper receipt, you’ll need to print out the receipt that’s emailed to you.

How can I use multiple payment cards on a given transaction (gift card + credit card)

The app isn’t designed to accept more than one payment method on one transaction. If you want to use more than one payment method on your transaction such as a gift card and a credit card, please pay in store.

Why isn't my app working at this station?

The app will work with most Husky fuel pumps, but some of Husky’s independent locations may employ different fuel pumps which are not mobile app enabled. Look for the mobile enabled icon in the Station Locator to find the site closest to you where your app will work. 

My transaction is stuck.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Your transaction may be stuck for a variety of reasons. If your pump didn’t authorize, please check the pump’s screen to ensure authorization hasn’t been processed. You can try authorizing another mobile transaction or proceed fueling using the traditional way. In case the transaction is stuck after you’ve fueled, the app will issue a receipt as soon as it’s ready. If the issue persists, please contact our support desk.

Why can’t I use Apple Pay for in-app payment?

Banks and payment providers don’t currently support pre-authorized in-app payments through Apple Pay. Because our Pay from your Car feature uses pre-authorization, Apple Pay isn’t currently available. We plan to add this functionality when it is available via banks and payment providers.

Why is my pre-auth declined? (payment card/gift card as tender type)

If you’ve selected “fill” the pre-authorization amount is for $250. If you’ve been declined, you may not have enough balance on your payment card, you may have an overdue payment, there may be an app connection issue, or your card may have been compromised. Try pre-authorizing for a lower amount or calling your credit card issuer should the problem persist.

Pump isn’t getting authorized for fueling. What do I do?

Either the pump is already in use or there are technical issues with the app-pump connection. You may try again, try another pump, or use the traditional method of paying instead of the app. 

Why can't I select a propane pump for fueling from the app?

You cannot pay for bulk propane from the myHusky App, because propane is not self-serve. Retail propane is full service that can only be provided by a trained station attendant. Dispensers don’t have pay-at-pump capability.

Cardlock propane can be dispensed by a certified customer.

Why can't I use the app at other stations/travel centres/restaurants?

The myHusky App is meant only for Husky fuel pumps and Husky convenience stores. 

Why did I get a lower redemption offer than what I had selected originally?

If you selected a higher dollar value redemption than you actually fueled, we will automatically redeem for the next lower redemption value so that you still get a discount on your purchase. For example, if you choose to redeem $20 in free fuel but only fuel $17, we will apply a $15 discount automatically. 

How can I track which car wash codes I've used?

Unfortunately, we do not track which car wash codes have been redeemed.  

How can I see the price for each fuel grade?

You can view fuel prices on the pump. 

How many redemption options can I apply to my transaction?

With the myHusky App, you can redeem for a free car wash, dollars off your transaction or both. 

Site is showing in app as mobile enabled but app doesn't work once I'm at site.

There may be a temporary connection issue, or you may need to enable Location Services on your mobile device. Please try closing and reopening the app. If that still doesn’t work, please pay at the pump or in store. 

I changed my basket and now I don’t see the same redemption offers. Why?

The myHusky Rewards offers displayed in the app are shown depending on the number of points you have and what you’ve selected to purchase. For example, if you choose to Fill and you have enough myHusky Rewards points for $50 off fuel, you will see an offer to redeem for $50 off. If you change from Fill to $20, your offer will change to redeem for $20 off fuel. 

I didn’t earn points for my current/previous transaction(s).

You must have added a myHusky Rewards card in the app in order to earn points. You must also register in order to continue earning points after completing five transactions. You are able to earn/redeem points for myHusky Rewards program as long as your account and card is in good standing with the program.

I didn’t receive a receipt for my previous transactions

The app only displays electronic receipts for transactions performed in-app.

I didn’t get a car wash code.

If you selected and paid for a car wash in app, but didn’t receive a car wash code, go inside the store and a Husky CSR will re-print your car wash code. 

Can I purchase goods in store using the app?

You can use your digital myHusky Rewards card in the app to earn and redeem points for dollars off in-store products, but you can’t use the payment cards in your app wallet to pay for in-store purchases. If you do have a digital wallet set up outside of the myHusky App, such as Apple Pay, you may be able to use that to pay in store so you don’t have to open up a physical wallet! 

Where can I find the car wash code in the app?

The car wash code is displayed in the Transaction History and on your electronic receipt. 

Mobile Wallet/Security

What payment types does the app support?

Currently you can add Visa, MasterCard, American Express, MasterCard branded debit cards or Husky Gift Cards to the myHusky App Wallet to pay for fuel from the comfort of your car. 

How do I add debit cards?

At this time, the myHusky App supports MasterCard branded debit cards, but doesn’t support other debit cards. 

Can I use my HuskyPRO card with the myHusky App?

At this time, the myHusky App doesn't support HuskyPRO commercial or fleet payment cards. It's intended for personal use.

How do I take advantage of BCAA program?

At this time, the myHusky App is not connected with the BCAA program. 

How many payment cards and gift cards can I add to the app? Why?

You can load up to four credit cards and up to five Husky gift cards. We capped the number of payment methods to help reduce fraudulent activity.

How is my credit card information stored on the app?

Credit card information is encrypted and stored securely in a vault as per Payment Card Industry regulations. No credit card numbers are stored in the app or on your mobile device. 

How do I check the balance of my gift cards?

View the balance of each gift card you’ve loaded in the app on the image of each card in your app wallet. The top of the gift card section also shows the total balance for all gift cards in your wallet. 

How can I reload my gift card through the app?

Currently, you can’t reload gift cards in app. The best way to add funds is to purchase a new gift card in store and add it to your app. You can then delete the old gift card in app. Alternately, you could keep the original plastic gift card and reload it inside a Husky convenience store. The balance will automatically update in the app.

Can I send money to a friend's card/account?

Not at this time. 

I updated my credit card information and now my card is being rejected. What do I do?

First, ensure you entered the information correctly and you’ve provided the CVV/CID again when saving updates. If the problem persists, call your credit card issuer to see if there are any issues with your card, or contact our help desk via email at

Why is my app blocked? How do I get it unblocked?

There may have been suspicious activity in your app account. Please contact for further assistance. 

Why is my credit card not working/blocked? What recovery steps do I need to take?

There may have been suspicious activity in your app account. Please contact for further assistance.

I see a transaction on my credit card, which I didn’t make.

If you notice unusual activity on your credit card, your card may have been compromised. Contact your credit card service provider to have the charges reversed. 

My device is lost/stolen. How can I prevent my account from incurring charges?

The myHusky App is password protected and can only be used when your mobile device is unlocked using your passcode or TouchID. Other users should not be able to use your account to make purchases unless they are able to unlock your device. 

How can I add a payment/gift card?
  • Go to My Account and tap Wallet.
  • Add a credit card: tap Add a Payment Card, enter credit card number, expiry date and CVV, then tap Save.
  • Add a Husky Gift Card: tap Add a Husky Gift card, then scan the gift card number with your camera or type it in manually. Enter the security code on the back of the gift card, then tap Save.
  • Credit card information is encrypted and stored securely in a vault as per Payment Card Industry regulations. No credit card numbers are stored in the app or on your mobile device.

Station Locator

Why are the store hours different than what the app shows?

We do our best to ensure that hours are kept up to date. If you’d like to report a mistake, please send an email to

Why can't I use the app while I'm driving?

Please don’t app and drive! For your safety, we’ve disabled app functionality if your device detects driving motion. 


Why can't I see this offer that my friend can see?

You can customize the offers displayed in the app so that you see more of what you’re interested in. This can be done by hiding offers (swipe left on offers screen) or by setting up which categories you want to turn off in your app preferences. Some offers are also targeted by region, so you may see different offers depending on which province, city or Husky location you are at. 

Why can't I see an offer I was able to see before?

The offer may have expired or may have been targeted to a specific region. You may see different offers depending on which province, city or Husky location you are at.

Offer info link isn't working

Please visit our website to see all offers at Inform us so we can implement fixes in app by emailing us at

Why can't I share offers on other platforms outside of Facebook and Twitter?

We’ve limited the sharing of offers to these two platforms as they are the most popular for sharing.

How do I redeem the offers through the app?

You don’t need to do anything in the app to redeem offers. For myHusky Rewards offers, you need to use your card when making your purchase. This will be automatic for pay-at-pump purchases in the app if you’ve loaded a myHusky Rewards card. For in-store purchases, you may scan your digital myHusky Rewards card to redeem offers and earn points. 

myHusky Rewards

How can I add a myHusky Rewards card?

You can add your existing myHusky Rewards card into the app to create a digital version of your card.

1. Tap Add a myHusky Rewards card

2. Scan the barcode on the back of your myHusky Rewards card with your camera or type the card number in manually.

If you have already registered for myHusky Rewards, you’ll be prompted to enter your myHusky Rewards account password, which may or may not be the same as your myHusky app password.

If you haven’t yet registered your card, you’ll be asked to complete your registration when you load your card to the app.

What do I do if the camera isn’t working?

If the camera is not able to read your card number, tap “Enter Card Number Manually” and type in your myHusky Rewards card number. Ensure you allow the app to access camera functionality by changing your settings. 

How do I add a card manually?

From the Rewards screen, tap “Enter Card Number Manually” and type in your myHusky Rewards card number. If you have already registered for myHusky Rewards, you’ll be prompted to enter your myHusky Rewards account password, which may or may not be the same as your myHusky App password. If you haven’t yet registered your card, you’ll be asked to complete your registration when you onboard your card to the app.

Why does my points balance change when I haven't made any purchases on my card?

Your points balance will reflect all of the cards’ activity associated with your myHusky Rewards account. So, if you have household members on your account, the balance displays any points that have been earned or redeemed.

What do I do if card registration fails?

If you are unable to register your card, call myHusky Rewards customer service at 1-855-MYHUSKY (694-8759).

How do I add another loyalty card?

You can only add one myHusky Rewards card to the app. 

I've run out of my five myHusky Rewards transactions. What do I do?

We’ve made it so that you can start earning points quickly and easily with myHusky Rewards. When you first get a card, either a digital version in the app or a physical plastic card, you can start earning points right away and can continue earning for up to five transactions. In order to redeem points, or to continue earning after your five transactions, you must register.  The app displays the number of transactions remaining before you must register in order to keep earning myHusky Rewards points.

How do I see my loyalty transaction history?

From My Account, go to Transaction History. There are two tabs: one to show myHusky Rewards transaction history (note: this will display all points earned/redeemed for this myHusky Rewards account, not just those associated with app purchases) and one to show App Purchases. 

Why do I have to sign up to use loyalty feature of the app?

In order to earn points toward free fuel and other great rewards, you must sign up for myHusky Rewards. It’s quick and easy to join and you can create a digital myHusky Rewards card right in the app – no plastic card required! 

Why do I have to validate my email to use loyalty feature of the app?

We validate your email address to ensure that you’re not a robot!

How do I earn and redeem points through the app?

It’s easy! Once you’ve added a myHusky Rewards card, you’ll earn points automatically when you pay from your car using the app. To redeem, simply tap the rewards you want to apply to your purchase. You can redeem for dollars off fuel or car washes. You can also scan your digital myHusky Rewards card in Husky convenience stores to earn and redeem points. 

Can I scan my digital loyalty card for in-store purchases?

Yes! With the myHusky App, say goodbye to plastic and simply scan your digital myHusky Rewards card in store to earn and redeem points. 

Will I still receive a plastic loyalty card if I requested a virtual loyalty card?

All you’ll need is your digital myHusky Rewards card to earn and redeem points when you pay from your car or in store – we won’t issue you a plastic card.

Why won't the myHusky Rewards card registration/app login accept my password?

If you’re trying to add a myHusky Rewards card that’s already been registered, you’ll need to enter in your myHusky Rewards password. After you scan or type in your card number, the app will ask you to enter your myHusky Rewards password to confirm your rewards account, which may or may not be the same as your myHusky App password. 

I received a new, promotional myHusky Rewards card with a pre-loaded amount of points, but I already have an existing card. What should I do?

Please call our contact centre at 1-855-MYHUSKY (694-8759) to do a card replacement. We’ll replace your existing card with the new card and transfer your existing points balance over to the new card as well.

To add your new card into the myHusky App, go to the Rewards screen in the app and tap the trash can icon to delete your old card. Then add your new card using the barcode on the back of the card. You will need to enter your myHusky Rewards password in order to complete the process.