The myHusky Rewards Program has ended

The myHusky Rewards program retired on Feb. 29, 2024. Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I still earn/redeem points?

You can no longer earn or redeem points.       


What happens to my unspent points?

Points have no cash value and have expired.


Can my points transferred to another program?

No, we have no way of transferring points to another rewards program.


Are you replacing myHusky Rewards with another rewards program?

We have no plans at this time. However, you can earn PC Optimum™ points on convenience store items at the Esso-branded travel centres we operate.


Can I still log into my account? 

No, your myHusky Rewards account has been permanently closed. 


What happens to my personal information?

Your personal data has been destroyed.. Please refer to our privacy statement to learn more.


I ordered something from the myHusky Rewards catalogue and it has not arrived.

Your order confirmation email provided information on expected delivery time. Please wait 2 weeks after the date on your email before contacting us.


What happens to HuskyPRO?

The HuskyPRO commercial credit card program remains but you can no longer earn points on purchases using your HuskyPRO card.