Car wash

If you drive something, it gets dirty. Fortunately, many of our stations offer environmental options to make your vehicle clean, shiny and protected. Our Mother Nature's Car Washes feature Beyond Green certified products from Zep Vehicle Care with Armour All Professional branded products as well as Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant for the Ultimate in clean, shiny and protected.

Wand wash - Self serve wash

Control how your vehicle gets clean for less than the cost of a detailing shop. Wand washes are a simple and automated system that accepts either coins or tokens or is a time charge.

Touchless wash

High water pressure cleans your car without the use of brushes, minimizing the chance of surface damage to your vehicle. Five factors contribute to cleaning your vehicle successfully: water quality, water temperature, chemistry, time, and water pressure generated by the equipment.

Large revolving brushes literally "roll over" your vehicle while cleaning it. An automatic guidance system ensures the pressure of the brushes is gentle against your vehicle to prevent abrasion, but also firm enough to ensure grime is washed away.

Soft-cloth tunnel wash

Soft cloths are used in a series of cleaning mechanisms while a conveyor moves your vehicle through the wash to clean the exterior. Non-abrasive detergents are used to soften and suspend grime before the cloths gently remove the dirt. The cloths are then rinsed before reapplying to your car. Following the rinse, the conveyor moves your vehicle to the sealant and protection area before the dryer removes any remaining water. Your vehicle emerges clean and shiny.

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All Husky car washes use Blue Coral with RainX cleaning products. Both are recognized as a leading brand of top quality car wash products.

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