Cardlock Emergency Procedures



  1. Stop product flow
  2. Press emergency stop device (ESD)
  3. Eliminate all ignition sources. Do not start vehicles
  4. Contact emergency services (if necessary)
  5. Evacuate immediate area (if necessary)
  6. Do not take personal risks
  7. Contain and control spill using Spill Response Kit and absorbent material
  8. Notify site operator immediately


  1. Stop product flow
  2. Press emergency stop device (ESD)
  3. Contact emergency services
  4. Evacuate immediate area (if necessary).
  5. Extinguish small fire, if safe to do so using fire extinguisher
  6. Do not take personal risks
  7. Notify site operator immediately


  • Emergency services (Fire/Police/Ambulance)
    • 9-1-1
    • Local:  _________________
  • Site operator:  _________________
  • Corporate Retail/Commercial Operations: 1-877-395-5107


It is important to adhere to the following requirements due to the risk associated with petroleum liquids.

Before fueling

  • No smoking
  • Turn off vehicle and other sources of ignition (e.g. pilot light)
  • Fully insert nozzle spout into fill tube of fuel tank
  • Use ground reel when dispensing fuel into slip tanks
  • Do not fill leaking fuel tank
  • Fill only ULC or CSA approved portable fuel containers
  • Place portable fuel containers on ground prior to filling

During fueling

  • Do not leave vehicle unattended
  • Do not go in and out of vehicle
  • Use only your hand or the nozzle hold-open device (where permitted by law) to hold open the nozzle
  • Do not kink the hose, throw nozzle on the groud or misuse equipment
  • Avoid all distractions

After fueling

  • Replace nozzle in holder and ensure hose is out of the traffic lane