Invest in an Esso Commercial Cardlocks

We're looking for investors and commercial cardlock operators who want to open a new cardlock location or upgrade an existing one.

Join a cross-country network of passionate cardlock operators and get set up for success with a reputable brand partnership to drive your business.

An Esso Branded Dealer is an independent business owner responsible for site development, construction, operations and daily site execution.

A Branded Dealer Representative will be assigned to you during the site development phase and continuous operational support will be provided by a dedicated District Manager to ensure your success.

Your investment requirements

Are you a new-to-industry investor that:

  • Owns land, building and/or equipment
  • Seeks construction partners and qualified vendor referrals
  • Requires reliable site equipment and system upgrades
  • Are looking for a dependable and secure fuel-supply agreement
  • Requires subject-matter expertise and development support
  • Wants reputable safety, operations, marketing and training programs

Or, do you own an existing cardlock operation and want:

  • A new business partner and strong brand
  • Dependable site equipment and reliable system upgrades
  • A secure fuel-supply agreement
  • Support from a dedicated District Manager with industry-knowledge of best practices

Optimized for success

…with training and support. Benefit from a full suite of training that includes:

  • Operating systems, marketing and great customer service
  • Online training resources for you and your staff
  • The expertise of our Technical Support Team

…with equipment and business systems. Leverage industry-leading touch screens, point-of-sale and pay-at-the-pump technologies (minus the upfront costs)

  • Secure and accurate inventory management
  • Credit/debit processing
  • Detailed reporting
  • Marketing and promotions, including signage and targeted email and advertising campaigns

Request for contact

Please complete and submit the form below if you are an investor or cardlock operator who owns the land, building or equipment to open a new cardlock location or upgrade an existing one.

If you’re looking to work as a site manager, please visit our Corporate Retailers page.

Please note:

  • Only qualified candidates will be contacted.
  • If you wish to apply for a job at a Husky location, please contact the site directly.
  • Our online application form makes use of Javascript and cookies. We strongly recommend you use a modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
Are you interested in building a new site or do you have an existing site for development?