Roll in. Chill out.

Take a trip to a Husky car wash; sit back, relax and refresh. We feature leading car wash brands and Beyond Green certified products from Zep Vehicle Care, Blue Coral with Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant and Armor All Professional® Extreme Shine Wax™ will give your car the ultimate in clean, shine and protection.


Refresh your ride, your way 

We offer five types of carwashes, depending on the location.  Use our Husky Station Locator to find a car wash near you.

Wand wash - Self serve

Control how your vehicle gets clean for less than the cost of a detailing shop. Wand washes are a timed, automated system that accept either coins, tokens or credit cards.  

Touchless wash

With these five features: water quality, water temperature, chemistry, time and water pressure, the touchless wash cleans your car without the use of brushes, minimizing the chance of surface damage to your vehicle.

Rollover brush wash

Large revolving brushes roll over your vehicle with an automatic guidance system to ensure the pressure is gentle to prevent abrasion, but also firm enough to wash grime away.

Soft-cloth tunnel wash

Soft cloths are used in a series of cleaning mechanisms while a conveyor moves your vehicle through the wash. Non-abrasive detergents soften and suspend grime before the cloths gently remove the dirt. Following the rinse cycle, the conveyor moves your vehicle through the sealant and protection cycle and ends with the dryer.

Choice wash

Combining the best of both car wash capabilities – touchless and soft-touch – into a single rollover system, gives you your wash, your way. SofTecs foam safely and gently cleans and polishes, while turbo technology contours your vehicle for more contact and better cleaning. The choice wash is complete with Wheeljet brushes to thoroughly clean your wheels, FoamTecs® foam curtain, ShineTecs® polish system and a multi-colour LED light show.

More bubbles for your buck

Watch for special offers throughout the year and take advantage of these car wash promotions at any time.

  • Purchase five car washes with our frequent-buyer card and get your sixth wash FREE!
  • During the winter, when the temperature drops below -15 degrees Celsius and our car washes are closed, you can pre-purchase any wash type at 50% off the regular price.