Pick-up a pre-filled tank today

Stop in. Pick up. Enjoy.

We’ve partnered with Tank Traders® to make buying propane at our Husky locations even easier. Enjoy a clean, fully certified, ready-to-use propane cylinder at one of our participating locations in three simple steps:

  1. Stop in to one of our participating Husky locations.
  2. Pick up or exchange for a pre-filled tank.
  3. Enjoy your purchase!

No more wait time, no more worry

Our pre-filled tanks mean that buying or exchanging can be done fast and easy, without having to wait for your tank to be full. This program takes care of the entire tank lifecycle, from fill to till and back again. That means your tanks will always be reliably maintained, consistently filled and responsibly recycled. The only thing you’ll have to worry about after a purchase is what you’ll use the propane for.

What tanks can be exchanged? Any empty 20 lb propane tank in good condition can be exchanged. However, tanks that are rusty, dented, cracked, or damaged in any other way will not be accepted for exchange.

 * Bulk propane is no longer available at Husky stations.

Use our Husky Station Locator to find a participating location near you.