Proof of vaccination in restaurants

Husky is always ready to welcome customers with a smile. Our operators and their employees are working safely to keep their businesses open and continue providing the services and products you’ve come to rely upon.

In compliance with provincial government requirements throughout the country, some Husky House Restaurants require all dine-in guests to show proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID-19 test, before entry.

Our priority has always been the health and safety of our guests, station operators and their employees. From the beginning of the pandemic we have followed the mandates of health authorities and various levels of government when it comes to mask wearing, social distancing, capacity restrictions and exemption programs, and we’ll continue to do so.

Please be patient and kind as these dedicated, front-line employees continue to do their best to maintain the safety and health of our customers. Let’s work together to get through this.


COVID-19 response

As the world continues to address COVID-19, we want you to know that Husky and our retailers have been preparing for this evolving situation. We are committed to the health and safety of our customers, our staff and our communities. This means we are taking appropriate precautionary steps at our locations, incorporating medical advice into our plans and closely following the advice and direction of health authorities.

We are continually monitoring the situation. We know that the supply of fuel and the other essential products and services is what you rely on us to provide.

We have adopted many actions to protect the health and safety of our customers, staff and communities. Please read more below for both retail and commercial operations updates.

This situation is very fluid and we will advance our processes to meet the circumstances we encounter. As such, it is possible that your experience at some locations may not be universal or the same as noted above.

Our priority is the health and safety of our customers, our staff and our communities. We sincerely appreciate your patience as our teams adapt their activities to meet the demands of the situation.

Thank you for your support of our retailers’ efforts to continue to serve you during this very difficult time.