Retail Operations Updates

  • Convenience stores remain open at this time. Our retailers and their staff are following guidelines for ‘social distancing’ to ensure customer and employee safety.
  • Our sites located in jurisdictions with mandatory mask bylaws are making efforts to let people know, doing their best to post signage clearly informing customers of the requirements.
  • Staff have been instructed not to touch customer payment cards or smart phones.
  • Staff have been instructed to stay at home if they are exhibiting any flu-like symptoms.
  • Smaller stores – particularly our kiosks – are limiting the number of customers allowed in to one at a time.
  • Expanded hygiene and cleaning practices, including increased frequency of cleaning common, high-contact areas such as countertops, door handles, tables and menus in restaurants, fueling nozzles and pin pads on our pumps and in our stores. In addition, our retailers and their staff are increasing cleaning and sanitizing efforts in washrooms.
  • In jurisdictions where our restaurants remain open, we have asked our retailers to reduce occupancy and “close” every second table to provide a safe distance between patrons. Servers have also been instructed to observe and maintain safe distances where feasible. Please note: Husky House Restaurants across our network are adhering to Provincial State of Emergency directives.
  • Convenience stores have stopped selling unwrapped food items such as pastries, soup, hot dogs, fresh fruit and pizza. We have also requested that customers use only disposable cups for beverages.
  • Delivery drivers and suppliers visiting our locations have been asked to observe social distancing guidelines and will not exchange materials with our on-site staff.

Many customers are looking for ways to limit interactions and contact at this time. No one needs to touch your cards but you. You can tap to pay and swipe your myHusky Rewards card through the PIN pad

We are looking at other options to enable us to continue to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. This could include offering only pay at pump and using pay windows where possible, or even considering temporarily closing or limiting access to our locations.